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Nice to meet you

A brief summary.


Ash Elizabeth Saraga


Alexandria, VA

Developing at

Middle Seat

Teaching at

off this semester



treebeard (#11543)


Just a smattering

A humble collection of my most favorite projects.


Down to brass tacks

Over six years of freelancing, you pick up a few things.

Web Development

I build websites for people and organizations who make positive changes in the world. The bulk of my work is done in progressive politics, with

like Action Kit and BSD.

Graphic Design

Digital art began as one of many side jobs to put myself through college, and grew to become the genesis of my freelancing career. Since 2012 I've done a menagerie of

and projects.

Systems Administration

I can speak to computers in over half a dozen languages across Windows, Mac, and several flavors of Linux. Antergos.